To B or not to B …

(Photo by Fateme Alaie on Unsplash)

How Companies Can Lead Systemic Shifts for Positive Social and Environmental Impact

How Oliver Russell Advanced Its Social and Environmental Efforts in the Time of COVID-19

B Corp Oliver Russell contributed cash funding and social amplification to Shape Up The Vote, a voter registration project to reach prospective Black male voters through the community of Black barbershops in Atlanta and Milwaukee.

New Tool Shares the Basics of the B Corp Community

(Photo by Lukas from Pexels)

Benefit Corporation Growth Spurs New Business Collaboration

Changemaker Double India Pale Ales Tells a Tale on Its Packaging

I love this iconic image of Dolores Huerta.

credit: plan c empowering circular futures

Photo credit: FES in Mena, 04.23.20

Image Source Credit: Patriot Software website

Russ Stoddard

Social Entrepreneur, branding expert, and author of “Rise Up — How to Build a Socially Conscious Business.

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